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Our Company

L&M Pest Control, Weed Control and Landscaping, LLC. is a FATHER AND SON COMPANY. We started in 2005, with only one intention, to help your pest & weed control problems.

Mitch has been in the Pest and Weed Control business since 1995 where he began in Los Angeles, CA. After moving to Phoenix, Mitch worked for Maricopa Vector and Flood Control before starting L & M Pest Control and Landscaping, LLC.

The business was started as a family and that’s how we want you to feel, like you are one of our family members.

Our Services

We reside in Waddell, West Phoenix, Arizona

Common Household Pests

If you’ve seen a pest in your home, use this section to identify the creature and understand the risks they pose to your home and your family.


We also know that a smarter, specialized approach can reduce pesticides and support your broader environmental initiatives.


Household pests are creatures of habit. If you know their favorite hideouts, you can control them effectively.

Weed Control

L&M provides pre-emergent and post-emergent Weed Control with a 6-month guarantee.